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10 insights to understand today’s media monitoring & analysis challenges

October 1, 2014 Media Monitoring & Analysis 0 Written by hskilton


Media monitoring is the start and continual evolution of a communications strategy. The articles your brand is mentioned in and the journalists who pick them up define the awareness of your brand and the success of your campaigns. This sounds a tad daunting – if only there was a guide to demonstrate how to make

vote day

Scotland Decides: Twitter talk the week of the vote!

September 17, 2014 0

With only a day to go til the vote, we’ve compared the conversations on Twitter now with those of a week ago. Have our referendum politicians succeeded in changing Twitter users’ opinions? Let’s see if anything has changed…

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Scotland Decides: Twitter talk the week before the vote

September 12, 2014 0

Less than a week away, the Scottish Independence Referendum is very much on the horizon. The official government research polls are being published, but is there a difference between the official poll and people’s opinions on social media? We monitor current Twitter activity to find out

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